1. Life of the young and carefree.

    I was having a discussion with my colleagues yesterday on the subject of having fun, basically partying in general. The question was whether it is better to get that “phase” of your life out of the way earlier or do it later. 

    I was one of those dorks who didn’t party while going to college, I worked full time and went to school full time. Deep down, I knew that was the only way for me to get ahead. My family moved from China just a few years prior, I was poor and awkward. So partying was totally out of the question. Life for me is totally different now. I run my businesses at my own pace, I don’t have much in terms of responsibilities (aside from the business), and yes, from all appearances, I am goofing off most of the time. 

    Looking at the photo above, I was wistful while walking around the Quad taking pictures. I wondered what it would have been like had I tried to enjoy myself those few short years in college. But that thought didn’t last long, after all, I have been having the time of my life in the past dozen years, and life will only get better ahead. 

    So, I am definite of the thought that work your ass off and get ahead early.