1. Inside a carwash.

  2. The color red dominates at Lapa Steps.

  3. The end is near.

  4. Red maple tree.

  5. Tree with red and yellow leaves.

  6. Red.

  7. Red, white and blue.

  8. Red.

  9. I went to see the annual Skagit Valley Tulips Festival today. Since it was a particularly warm day, the crowd was big and the traffic was horrific. In my haste to leave the town, I drove through a small farm that absolutely no tourist, and this place turned out to have the best tulips.

  10. 62 Red Corvette.

    Of course, it is only fitting to find this 62 Corvette at the foot of the Space Needle on its 50th anniversary. 

  11. Red rust.

  12. Just before the bloom. 

  13. Snow study.

  14. Hallway in the meeting area, Seattle Central Library.

  15. The most interesting portion of the Seattle Central Library has to be the 4th floor meeting area. It is like walking into someone’s acid trip, various dimensions of red.