1. I went to the Pike Place Market the other day, the famous SBC coffee mug sign is gone. Progress : (

  2. Mt. Rainier hidden in the picture.

  3. Rue des Pyramides.

  4. OK, last one for the Wheel.

  5. Reflections in the night.

  6. The wheel actually spins really, really slow.

  7. Seattle’s Great Wheel.

  8. Pioneer Square.

  9. Red Square.

  10. Centurylink Field.

  11. Sleepless in downtown Seattle.

  12. Here is a pano from the Cosmopolitan Hotel. BTW, the details of the Nikon D800 is insane! I can’t upload a 75mb file to Tumblr. But if you actually zoom in 100% size, you can actually see details of cars from a few miles away!

  13. I am in Vegas. This is a view from my room at the Cosmopolitan West Tower.

  14. Downtown Seattle.

  15. The Market.