1. Harvey can stand a long time to get what he wants.

  2. My colleague Jessie has been bringing his dog Harvey to the office for the past few weeks. The Boston terrier is a super athletic and super smart dog with soulful eyes. 

  3. It’s okay Harvey, let me fiddle with focus on this.

    This is Harvey, a Boston terrier that comes to work with his owner Jessie from time to time. A very timid and quiet dog.

  4. Bambie being a saint of a dog.

    I have had three cats prior to Bambie. She is perhaps the most laid back and patient pet I have ever encountered. Here she was getting groomed, and it went on for nearly an hour without any complaints. Simply amazing!

  5. The 56mm f1.2 lens for the Fuji X cameras is incredible. Bitingly sharp wide open with buttery bokeh, it makes my old Nikon 85mm f1.4D feel inadequate. Here is Bambie posing for me, shot at f1.2 using Fuji X-E2. 

  6. Wild dogs run free in Santa Matha favela, this one was pretty aggressive.

  7. This guy followed me for long stretch.

  8. A man and his puppy at Santa Matha.

  9. Dogs are saints, aren’t they? Here is Bambie putting up with my niece. 

  10. Do dogs daydream?

  11. Sorry, it’s my chair now.

  12. Bambie has a new friend. 

    Bambie has been coming to work with me for more than a year now. Dakota is new at this. But they have no problem hanging out together in Dakota’s crate. 

  13. Sweater season.

  14. Full attention.

  15. Bambie posing near Avenue of the Giants.