1. Some camera porn in my office.

    Guess which one of these camera is digital?

    With the exception of one of these cameras, I somehow managed to buy a bunch of film cameras in the past year, all except one are rangefinders. 

  2. I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in he University Village Madewell store with my girlfriend. They had this pile of vintage cameras as part of the store prop. For camera dorks like me, this almost made it worth hanging around waiting :)

  3. Here is another example from the Fuji 60mm lens.

  4. After a few months worth of wait, I finally received my Fuji 60mm lens for the X Pro1 camera. This is one of the first few images I have taken. The boke is very lovely, and lens is sharp, certainly comparable to my Nikon 105mm micro lens. Considering how compact this lens is, if you are simply doing macro work this is a worthy alternative to the big SLRs. The only down side is the relatively slow focusing speed.

  5. It took more than 3 months, but it has finally arrived. This is the 2nd camera in two weeks for me, so yeah, I am spoiled :) 

    The new Fuji X Pro1 (stupid name) is a poor man’s Leica. But I won’t have to baby it, and it finally solved my traveling camera problem. With the Fuji X100 as a backup, I am one happy camper. 

  6. Fuji X Pro1

    Yesterday was the first day this camera was available for pre-order, I went for it. After last years experience of waiting for months for the Fuji X100, I am not going to risk it anymore. In some ways, I am also feeling quite guilty.

    I have gone through 2 Nikon film SLR and 5 DSLR, in addition, I have about a dozen Nikon lenses. With the new Fuji and all 3 lenses for it, this is the first time I am jumping into an entirely new system. If the Fuji works out well, I might even do the unthinkable, perhaps selling my entire Nikon system. 

    In some ways, it is a bit like me going from Windows to Mac 5 years ago. Windows felt bloated, inelegant, and worst of all, feature bloat that didn’t contribute to the end results. Will the upcoming Nikon D800 make any difference? Or merely delay the inevitable? 

  7. Fuji X100.

    This is by far my favorite camera out there. It is what I use when I want to wondering around town and wanted to be stealthy and less intimidating. Yes, I have my fair share of DSLRs, and some of the lenses I use are frankly too big, too heavy and generally, well, douchy looking? Not example the thing to do when you want to take a picture of something or someone in a rough neighborhood.

    The X100 has a silent mode, and with its vintage looking rangefinder style, people just assume I am using an old camera. No need to rob me.

    But the most important is that despite the X100’s share of frustrations, the result is more than worth putting up with its limitations. Most of the shots taking around downtown areas were done using this little guy.