1. Bowman Bay camping.

    Like a lot of people here in Seattle, summer camping for me is a must. Bowman Bay with a mystery camp site number that I will not disclose is one of the most scenic spots I have ever camped at. It is right next to a hiking trail (I don’t think my wife was ready to hike with those shoes); a tree lined canopy and million dollar views of the bay. 

  2. As I was clicking the shutter, my wife whispered in my ear: I want to grow old like that couple.

  3. A fishing couple.

  4. Sunset at Bowman Bay.

  5. Deception Pass State Park.

  6. Bowman Bay.

  7. Clear Lake, Washington.

    Summer is here and the living is easy, but who knew there are places like this. 

  8. Wilkeson, Washington.

    Having lived in Washington for nearly 30 years, I have never heard of Wilkeson. If I didn’t get lost on the way to Mt. Rainier, I would have never stumbled onto this place. It isn’t on a major highway and for the most part the coal mining business which the town was built upon is long dead. 

  9. Speaking of driving, I think there is no better place to have a convertible than the Northwest corner of USA. Yes it rains a lot, but when it is sunny, or when the rain stops, you will never find the sun to be unbearable. I am not at all envious of sunny places like Nevada or Arizona. 

    The aspect has to do with the great roads for driving. Some of the best driving scenery in the world are right here within an hour or so from where I live. I am very very lucky to be here with my faithful Porsche.

  10. Wild horses of Western Washington.

  11. Classic Ford Thunderbird.

    I am surprised I was able to capture this. I was walking around downtown Kirkland a few weeks ago on a Sunday evening with my slow and big Contax 645 camera when this car rolled by.

  12. Washington’s beauty is pretty understated, here at Deception Pass.

  13. On the way to Mt. Rainier.

    This is pretty amazing sharpness considering the original was film then scanned at home. 

  14. Deception Pass, Washington.

  15. An inlet in Anacortes, Washington.

    I have been going a bit crazy in buying camera gears for the past month, or among camera geeks, it is known as G.A.S; gear acquisition syndrome. After a few 35mm Leica cameras, I have been buying and shooting mostly medium format cameras. I suppose once you see the quality of the files from medium format, 35mm becomes somewhat laughable. 

    I must say that I am having a blast, and felt sheepish at the same time that I somehow managed to ignore film photography for the better part of last twenty years. Oh wait, I was much younger and poorer, and medium format gear was astronomically expensive back then. To me, this is the truly golden age of photography. There has never been a time with so many cameras in digital formats, and film gear has never been cheaper.