1. Gondolas gather.

  2. Crowded market stalls.

  3. They say Venice is in decay, but what else in life can decay with such charm?

  4. The iconic Rialto Bridge.

  5. St. Mark’s Square, the Time Square of Venice.

  6. First cafe when you get off the train in Venice.

  7. The tourists have gone to bed.

  8. While thinking about Greece, I am looking through my old photos of Europe. Perhaps a detour to Venice would be good. 

    Here is one from 2008.

  9. Venetian balcony.

  10. Venice.

  11. Venice.

  12. Rio Tera Lista de Spagna.

  13. Checking out the tourists.

  14. There is magic even with a sidewalk.

  15. The beautiful decay.