1. Youngest marcher.

  2. You never want to see this show up in your drive way.

  3. Firemen on Harleys. 

  4. The loudest group in the parade.

  5. These guys are pumped about a sport I have never heard of.

  6. Everyone is a photog.

  7. Deloreans at the Parade.

  8. This Irish Setter was all business.

  9. Best hair at the parade.

  10. These girls just got together and started singing.

  11. Crowds gather before the parade.

  12. Green flower on St. Patricks day.


  13. St. Paddy’s day parade

    Seattle will be doing its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade tomorrow. I have been to the parade twice in the past few years. I don’t really consider myself the street photog type, so whenever there is a big crowd like a parade, I try to take advantage and go shoot. 

    People tend to be in a more festive and therefore more forgiving mood, so having a camera pointing at them isn’t a big deal. Besides, all the wild costumes makes it a bit more interesting. 

    Unfortunately, it will be more of the same rainy and cold weather like we have been getting of late. So try to dress in some waterproof and warm clothing before you head out. Oh, your camera gear better be weatherproof too. Nothing ruins the fun to find out your pricey gear can’t handle the damp.

  14. Classic fire engine.