1. Mt. Rainier hidden in the picture.

  2. The Needle stands alone.

  3. Space Needle hangs above the Chihuly Garden.

  4. View of the Space Needle from Chihuly Garden.

  5. Inside the Space Needle.

  6. While I was stuck waiting in line for the ride up to the Space Needle, this little guy with a Mohawk kept me entertained. 

  7. 56 Cadillac at the Needle.

  8. Picture perfect day for her anniversary. 

  9. Lake Union via the Space Needle.

  10. This guy decided to bring his original 1962 World’s Fair memorabilia for show and tell.

  11. 62 Red Corvette.

    Of course, it is only fitting to find this 62 Corvette at the foot of the Space Needle on its 50th anniversary. 

  12. 50 years ago today the Space Needle opened to the public. The owners of the Needle did a $1 lift promotion and I wasn’t going to pass off the chance to get up there to take some snaps. That little mountain in the distance is Mt. Rainier.

  13. The Space Needle via Capital Hill.

  14. That Angry Bird dangling from the Space Needle was pretty lame.

  15. Seattle Center.