1. Stream and tulips.

  2. Skagit tulips.

  3. A strip of yellow, somewhere in Skagit Valley, Washington.

  4. Yellow tulips, Skagit Valley Washington.

  5. It literally stretches for one mile from one end to another.

  6. Holland in Washington.

  7. In your face purple.

    That was actually true. I had to get down to the ground level to get the shot.

  8. Peony tulips.

  9. Red.

  10. Lamas or poodles? 

    Came across these guys while driving lost in the Skagit Valley yesterday.

  11. Sea of pink.

  12. More tulips.

  13. Tulips at Tulips Town.

  14. I went to see the annual Skagit Valley Tulips Festival today. Since it was a particularly warm day, the crowd was big and the traffic was horrific. In my haste to leave the town, I drove through a small farm that absolutely no tourist, and this place turned out to have the best tulips.

  15. Tulips field.