1. College fund.

  2. Is it street photography when you take a picture of a homeless person?

  3. Is it a cult?

    The Falun Gong people has been a fixture in various Seattle parks for years now. It is one of those groups that is heavily persecuted in China but recognized as a religious group in US. 

  4. Larry.

    Leicaphiles talks about the “3D” pop of Leica lenses, or some orgasmic bokeh from the Summilux or Summicrons. Of course, they tend to use black and white and crank up the contrast to emphasize the pop even more. 

    Here is a random shot of Larry at Pike Place Market (I don’t know Larry) using a Contax G2 and Zeiss 45mm with f stop probably set at 2.8 or 4, wide open would be f2. I see the 3D, I see the contrast, needless to say the bokeh and sharpness are all there. The best part? This was done on full auto. Auto focus, aperture priority, auto film loading, film advance….

    I can hear the grip now, but the camera needs batteries!!! Of course hipster, the thing needs batteries. And so does your iPhone you carry with you everywhere. I don’t see you insist on walking about with an old crank phone.

  5. Is Summicron any lovelier?

    Until I got a bunch of Leica gear, I have always read how all the Leicaphiles rave about these supposedly amazing Leica lenses. The 50mm Summicron (just means f2) is one of those near “perfect” lenses. I tested the 4th generation of the 50 Summicron along with a M6 LHSA model in this shot. 

    Yes, the bokeh is lovely, decent sharpness (I am not faulting the lens here due to my own focusing ability, rangefinder alignment, film flatness, scanner, etc). But is this the wow I was expecting? The short answer is no. I am fortunate enough to have some other lenses that can deliver similar combination of sharpness and creamy bokeh. The Fuji 35mm F1.4, Fuji 23mm F1.4 and Fuji 56mm F1.2, not to mention some excellent Zeiss lenses in 35mm and medium format that can easily rival it.

  6. Market conversations.

    Street photography is probably the biggest fad among photo geeks in the past few years. To me, in a lot of cases at least, sounded like excuses to justify the purchase of expensive cameras, namely, Leica M cameras. Of course, the Leica devotes will tell you somehow these cameras are more discreet. So as an experiment, I decided to do exactly the opposite. I walked around with a giant old medium format camera instead. Yes, a heavy beast of a Contax 645. 

    I suppose it all boils down to how you carry yourself. Even though my camera was about 3-4 times the size of a Leica M, people didn’t notice or cared.

  7. Post Alley

  8. The kid was good.

  9. New bunch of buskers at the Market.

  10. Fall veggie colors.

  11. Hillbilly buskers.

  12. 911 at the Market.

  13. Must be a bike for cheerleaders.

  14. Candy Harley

  15. I went to the Pike Place Market the other day, the famous SBC coffee mug sign is gone. Progress : (