1. My last DSLR.

    I have been a Nikon shooter for more than 20 years. I bought the first Nikon autofocus dog N2002, then N90s, before jumping onto DSLRs. D100, D200, D2Hs, D90, D7000, D800 and D600; not to mention over $20,000 worth of Nikon lenses. But no more. 

    The three cameras above are Nikon D600 with 35mm f1.4 lens, Fuji X-Pro1 with 23mm f1.4 and Fuji X100s. In so many words, all three more or less does the same thing and the files are quite comparable. But just look at the size of the porky Nikon!!!

    Nikon has survived and clawed its way back from the 20 year attack by Canon, but I am no so sure the Canikon duopoly will survive another decade. 

  2. More from the 50mm F1.2 lens.

  3. This was taken with the Nikon D800 along with the classic 50mm F1.2 AIS lens. This lens isn’t particularly sharp, but shooting at F1.2 gives this fuzzy and wonder coma that no other lens out there can reproduce. Dreamy. 

  4. Dynamic range.

    Well, a bit of pun there. Pictures like this used to be difficult before Nikon D800. With its nearly 15 stops of dynamic range, you can actually get all the nuanced gradation of the varying shades of the clouds and the landscape. To top things off even more, I took this shot while I was driving. 


  5. Just got my Nikon D800

    I have been a Nikon user since the very first autofocus 35mm film days, the old N2002 model. So it is a shock to finally get my hands on the fantabulous D800. 36 megapixel while it can shoot in near darkness! 

    Anyways, I am heading for Vegas for a business trip, also swinging by Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon afterwards. I can’t wait to get this beast out to take some pictures. Just hoping for some fantastic light of “milk and honey”.

  6. I have been waiting for this camera for more than 2 years! I have sold off a bunch of my Nikon DX lenses in the past few months in anticipation for just this camera. What Nikon has done in terms of pricing, product packaging for this camera  is akin to Apple launching the original iPhone. This is going to kill off a bunch of medium format companies, and unless Canon comes up with something in the same league, this could well deal a mortal blow to Canon as well. 

    Anyways, I know I am mixing my business and camera geekiness all together now. I am going to be in camera heaven for the next few months! My Fuji X Pro1 will be here in a couple of weeks, I just can’t wait for the D800E to show up on my doorsteps in a couple of months.

  7. Fuji X Pro1

    Yesterday was the first day this camera was available for pre-order, I went for it. After last years experience of waiting for months for the Fuji X100, I am not going to risk it anymore. In some ways, I am also feeling quite guilty.

    I have gone through 2 Nikon film SLR and 5 DSLR, in addition, I have about a dozen Nikon lenses. With the new Fuji and all 3 lenses for it, this is the first time I am jumping into an entirely new system. If the Fuji works out well, I might even do the unthinkable, perhaps selling my entire Nikon system. 

    In some ways, it is a bit like me going from Windows to Mac 5 years ago. Windows felt bloated, inelegant, and worst of all, feature bloat that didn’t contribute to the end results. Will the upcoming Nikon D800 make any difference? Or merely delay the inevitable? 

  8. Who says the Japanese can’t innovate?

    What happens when your primary supplier decided they don’t want to supply you anymore? That’s what Nikon did to Fuji a few years ago when they decided they won’t sell Nikon DSLR bodies to Fuji anymore, so the camera world proceeded to write off Fuji. Except in this case, instead of making yet another me-too product, Fuji came out with the ground breaking X100, then X10 last year. 

    In CES this year, they are launching the X Pro1. Taking the logical next step from X100. This is throwing a giant wrench into my camera purchase plans. I love the X100, it is my favorite travel and street photography camera, but I also have several bags full of Nikon lenses and bodies. I have been eagerly waiting for the D800 ever since I bypassed the D700. The Fuji X Pro1 is the best combination of my existing Nikon and Fuji gear all rolled up in a much more compact and travel friendly package. 

    What to do?

  9. Dreaming of spring

    I shot this last spring with a Nikon 50mm f1.2 AIS lens. It is challenging lens to use if you want to shoot it wide open. But it gives this bokeh that is vastly different from just about anything else out there. Just about anything can take on a “dreamy” look with this lens. Women love it.