1. a picture for you

  2. Vermilian Lake, Banff.

  3. Mountain meadow on Bow Valley Parkway.

  4. Banff is pretty warm right now, say around 85 degrees. I managed to see some wildlifes today. This elk has a beautiful rack.

  5. I have been rather unlucky at Morraine Lake. When I was here five years ago the weather wasn’t good, it rained. Today was no better, overcast then thunderstorms, so much for my plan to kayak on it.

  6. Somewhere on Highway 93, Canada.

  7. A stretch of Highway 93 in Canada.

  8. Getting closer to Banff.

  9. Inside the Clark House on Hayden Lake, Idaho.

  10. Lake Louise. 

    Back in summer of 2009, when my little startup was on the verge of shutting down, and the rest of the world looked bleak, I just wanted to get away. Being nearly broke, a road trip was one of the few options for getting away. I drove my little Boxster (yeah, the irony) and headed to Banff. 

    I am going back to Banff next week. This time with a vast improvement in my camera gear. The picture above was shot using a now deceased Nikon D2H, all of 4 megapixel! I doubt my skill has improved, but I will be armed with a load of gear. Let’s see if I can capture anything better.

  11. Lotus.

  12. Summer in Hongcun, Anhui.

  13. I have been good, more treats please!

  14. The annual Bon Odori Festival is going on this weekend. I ran across it in the little Japan Town in the International District today.

  15. A wall of Spam. I spotted this in a Japanese store in Seattle.

    Spam gets a pretty bad name in US, but in other parts of the world it is considered real food. Places where there was a large US military presence after WWII, Spam was commonplace. In Korea, Japan and Taiwan, there are numerous dishes using Spam as a key ingredient.